access-class in on vty needs vrf-also

I was upgrading an a Cisco 2811  remotely from 12.4(24)T8 to 15.1(4)M8. The Tunnel is was using for management was part of a VRF.

interface Tunnel9
vrf forwarding management-vrf

After the upgrade I was able to ping the router remotely but wasn’t able to get an SSH connection. From the steppingstone I was using I got:

[peter@steppingstone-server:~]$ ssh
ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused

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Older AirPort Utility version on Mac OS X Mavericks

In my home network I use a Airport Time Capsule (4th Generation) as my gateway and DHCP server. A while ago I configured a “DHCP Message” via the Airport Utility. I never noticed this message, before on my Laptop with Ubuntu. When I got a MacBook every time I connected via the wireless I got this annoying “DHCP Message” message in a pop-up.

DCHP Message
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Start Chrome with IPv6 disabled

I was testing something in Chrome on a Mac and I wanted to be sure IPv6 was not cause of the issue. In Firefox you have the option to disable IPv6 by browsing to about:config and toggle the preference name network.dns.disableIPv6 to the value true.

Within Chrome I was not able to find such an option.  The alternative is Read more ›

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