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IPv6 tunnel on Time Capsule

Most Internet Service Providers (ISP) don’t have the ability yet to get native IPv6 on your home router/modem. Most modems the ISP provides don’t have the ability to router IPv6 packets, but only IPv4. If you ask you ISP to

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Time Capsule update 7.6.3 breaks IPv6

The latest version for the Time Capsule is at the moment is 7.6.3. I installed this update and after the installation I experienced issues with my IPv6 connectivity. I googled around and found many discussions and blogs where people are

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Cisco EA4500 for home IPv6

Since my previous Asus WL-500gP was broken due to a power outage, it was time for a new one. Some requirements for a new router where; IPv6, 802.11a/n and gigabit Ethernet switch ports. The Asus only had the IPv6 requirement

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